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With advice from Marie, many of my symptoms have subsided.


There is so much nutritional advice out there so my sessions with Marie have helped me to navigate what advice was correct and applicable to me.


Although I’m not doing everything as 100% prescribed,  I am actually aware of what I am putting into both my and my son’s bodies in terms of nutrition and this helps me make educated choices when eating. 

Marie offers a tailored solution (not one size fits all).

Her friendly, caring support and professionalism means that I would not hesitate to recommend Marie to anyone wishing to improve their health.

Charlotte Palmer

Happy client Charlotte Palmer

I worked 1-on-1 with Marie and I also attended a workshop with her on balancing hormones for post-natal and pregnancy health.


Marie is a knowledgeable nutritionist who really takes the time to get to know her clients as individuals.

She is encouraging and supportive and gives advice based on extensively researched evidence which as a registered health care professional myself is important to me.


Marie’s advice has improved the health of my daughter following a C-section delivery and has helped to improve the well-being of my family and I in many areas of enquiry.


Marie is a valuable asset for any individual looking to improve their well-being through more than standard Western medicine.


NHS Paramedic

Your Healthy Hormones happy client Zoe
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