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To talk to me about any aspects of menopause, functional nutrition or natural health, please fill in this form and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Therapist Marie Cherrett
Marie Cherrett Interview with Elaine Godley

Perfect Health & Bright Business Minds

Interview with Elaine Godley – Master Wellness Mentor

Follow my story from junk food addict and bulimic to healing myself naturally and becoming a functional nutritionist who helps others in the same boat.

Marie Cherrett  Reset To Thrive Interview

Reset To Thrive

Interview with Jan Rothney – Recovery Coach

Four part series on how functional nutrition can help you recover from chronic fatigue syndrome, long covid symptoms, post viral fatigue and burnout.

Balanced Hormones Marie Cherrett Interview

Healthy Habits For Balanced Hormones

Interview with Julie Mann – The Habit Fixer

We all have hormones, but what are they? Hormone Specialist and Nutritionist, Marie Cherrett explains. If your hormones are out of balance, this interview is for you!

Healthy Fruit diet plan

Easy Yoga Podcast

Interview with Gemma Nice – The Relationship Coach

Join myself and Gemma in this deeply personal conversation. I talk candidly about my previous struggles, how I overcame them and why I help people like you do the same now.

woman in a menopause session
Healthy Fruit diet plan
Healthy Fruit diet
Women Making healthy diet
Making healthy diet plate
High protein Fruit diet
High protein healthy diet plate
healthy poses for menopause

I contacted Marie for advice for my Daughter who was having regular nose bleeds, mood swings and constipation. She also had occasional severe abdominal pains and was underweight despite apparently eating well.


Marie’s advice was very clear, detailed and extensive. It improved my understanding of the gut’s role in many health problems and how best to help my Daughter become healthier.  My Daughter no longer has nose bleeds, constipation and abdominal pains. She remains a little underweight but we are continuing to work on this and continue to implement all the great nutritional advice given by Marie. 

I would greatly recommend Marie as a professional who is passionate about Nutrition and Functional Medicine.


As a health professional (physiotherapist) myself, I see many clients whose long-term health is being damaged by reliance on prescribed medications and their many side-effects.


I really feel that Functional Medicine can offer so much more.

Ann Thavisin


Your Healthy Hormones Happy Client Ann Thavisin
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