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About Marie Cherrett, Bsc. Nut Med, CFMP mFNTP

I work at The Forbes Clinic in Harley Street, London and also worldwide with private clients.

I've been a registered and insured Functional Medicine Practitioner and Nutritionist for over a decade.


With my extensive expertise in nutrition and health, I understand the intricate connections between disease, chronic health issues, and the impact of nutrition and lifestyle.


Through my remote consultations (over Zoom, worldwide), I have assisted countless women as they grapple with peri menopause and menopausal symptoms.


I do also work with both men and women who experience chronic illnesses of all kinds.

Marie Cherrett Hormone Specialist
Functional Medicine Marie Cherrett

My Health Journey

During a pivotal phase of my life, before embarking on my journey as a nutritionist, I confronted a series of personal health battles that profoundly shaped my understanding of the human body’s resilience. 

In my 20s, I was over-prescribed a medication that suppressed my immune system.

Following that, I grappled with persistent systemic infections, leading to ongoing discomfort and pain, and leaving me in a perpetual state of feeling unwell and drained. Moreover, I confronted a challenging struggle with bulimia, experiencing intense cravings for unhealthy foods and feelings of guilt after eating.


Alongside these challenges, I was also dealing with the impact of Fibromyalgia.

Placing my trust in conventional medicine, I dutifully followed the prescribed medications, hoping for relief.


However, despite their promises, my struggle persisted as if I were locked in battle against unseen foes within my body. 

However, amidst these challenges, I discovered a profound truth—the remarkable impact of diet and lifestyle on overall well-being.


I realised that seemingly mundane choices held the power to both trigger and heal chronic illness.


This revelation propelled me on a transformative journey of self-discovery.

That's when I heard my calling to become a nutritionist

My journey began with a deep desire to explore natural health and empower individuals to take charge of their wellbeing.


I studied at The University of West London, earning a Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Medicine, and later completed a post-graduate qualification in Functional Medicine.


Along the way, I had the privilege of learning from esteemed doctors and experts in these fields.  

Since then, my journey has taken me down a remarkable path of personal growth and fulfilment.


I am immensely proud to share that I have not only resolved all of my former health issues but also had the honour of helping countless individuals regain control of their well-being.


I am deeply committed to accompanying my clients on their unique journeys towards improved health.


Together, we have tackled health challenges that had previously confounded them, finding solutions and experiencing true transformations when all else had failed. 

Healthy Diet plate
Protein Diet plate

Get your FREE wellness evaluation

In just one FREE Wellness Evaluation over Zoom, I can give you a couple of pointers that could help you feel much better quickly, and we can also figure out your best next steps back to feeling like your beautiful, bubbly self again.


Just click the button to book your FREE evaluation now!

I’ve suffered from IBS and sinusitis all my adult life, with bloating, lack of appetite, and sluggishness. 

I had a lengthy online assessment with Marie.

One month on and after applying Marie’s recommendations, the bloating has practically gone, my appetite returned and the sinusitis is much reduced. 

Marie is approachable and easy to talk to.

Her expertise and knowledge is outstanding.

I can’t recommend Marie enough.

Karen Faulkner-Dunkley

Jewellery Designer at KFD Jewellery

Your Healthy Hormones Happy client Karen Faulkner

Thank you, Marie, for your professional and

very kind support over a 3-month period!

As a result of your advice, I managed to balance my main health concern.


I also feel more vital, and I’m enjoying my newly-found disciplined and conscious approach to my eating habits!


And I still can't fully believe that I am free from my cake-cravings!

Anna Ferrero

Soul-Based Executive Coach

Happy Client, Anna Ferrero, Soul-Based Executive Coach managed to balance her main health concern after a 3-month period only
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