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How can I support you?

You don't have to navigate menopause alone

Healthy smoothie jar

The Power Hour: Quick Menopause Vitality Session

I'll work with you to design the top five things you can do each day to improve your menopause experience.

Healthy Protein Diet

Jumpstart to Menopause Wellness: 2 Session Package

We will first work together to devise your best menopause solutions. I'll then see you three weeks later to follow up and adjust as needed.

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Vitality Revive: 6 Weeks to Thriving Health around menopause

For when you need more hand holding, advice and direction in your menopause journey. Let's get you feeling great!

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LifelongWell: 12 Weeks to Total Wellness around menopause

There's no other natural menopause support package like this in the world. Feel safe and supported throughout your journey to feeling awesome again.

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Working with Marie has been wonderful. After just a few sessions I have been able to make some changes to my diet and support my digestion and menstrual health.


Marie gives simple, clear, and manageable advice that feels achievable and I will continue to implement her advice to support my health.


I noticed improvements in my period pains and less bloating within a short time of working with Marie.


I would happily recommend working with Marie, and I’m so happy I did. Thank you, Marie!

Charley Alcock


Happy Client Charley Alcock

Marie’s advice has been in depth and I noticed improvements in a couple of weeks of following the protocol she set out for me.


Her advice helped me to understand better how my body works, not just on a physical level but also mentally and emotionally.


I also liked the fact that she was available for me when I needed guidance between appointments.


Compared to other professionals, the price Marie charges is really reasonable so that’s a massive plus. I’m very pleased with the services provided.



Your Healthy Hormones Happy client Annamaria
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