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How can I support you?

You don't have to navigate menopause alone

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The Power Hour: Quick Menopause Vitality Session

I'll work with you to design the top five things you can do each day to improve your menopause experience.


Jumpstart to Menopause Wellness: 2 Session Package

We will first work together to devise your best menopause solutions. I'll then see you three weeks later to follow up and adjust as needed.


Vitality Revive: 6 Weeks to Thriving Health around menopause

For when you need more hand holding, advice and direction in your menopause journey. Let's get you feeling great!


LifelongWell: 12 Weeks to Total Wellness around menopause

There's no other natural menopause support package like this in the world. Feel safe and supported throughout your journey to feeling awesome again.

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